MiracleTV Courses

MiracleTV Courses are Premium High End Video Courses. They represent MiracleTV's Vision of Next Level Christian Content.

Milestones of Next Level Content, and they take the Viewers up with them.

MiracleTV Courses are, as the name implies, teaching courses. They are produced of the highest production and content quality, and are sold as one-time purchases (TVOD), or made available for rental if the creator chooses.

Courses can be made on any topic provided it remains family friendly and provides value to the viewer. Some examples include Guitar Lessons, Exercise Routines, Filmmaking, Cooking, Business and Leadership Skills, Workshops, Panel Discussions or Interviews... and of course, Church Messages and Sermons.

Courses are packaged with Supplemental Materials like Course Outline PDFs and other downloadables to increase it's value. MiracleTV will work very closely with Course Creators to ensure it's quality standard.

Course videos will be dropped on a weekly basis (unless the creator decides otherwise)

If you are interested in creating a Course, or if you are an Expert or Pastor - all we need is a lesson plan.

We will help you every step of the way

Course Exclusive Features

  • Industry Leading Royalty Rates

  • 24/7 Customer Support available directly in the MiracleTV App

  • Courses can be One-Time Purchase (TVOD) and/or Rentals with adjustable limits

  • Global Sales with Per-Region Specific Pricing

  • Pay-what-you-want with minimums option to increase possible revenue

  • Exceptionally Strong Anti-Piracy Protections

  • Geo-Restrictions if Required

  • Post-Sale Analytics

  • Securely available Offline via the MiracleTV App, or enable Direct Downloads to customers

  • Videos can be Replaced or Amended at anytime

  • Additional Content can be added afterwards

  • Promotional Tools like Screeners, Coupons and Trailers on a targeted per account basis

  • Courses can have weekly releases, or released immediately to encourage binge watching

  • All Standard MiracleTV features, like ad-free access on any device, anywhere!

Course Essentials

  • Content must represent Quality of the Highest Standard (We will work with you and advise specifics)

  • At minimum: Short 5-15min Videos at 15-30 Sessions OR 10 x Medium Length (25min) Videos

  • Supplemental Material - This can be anything, for example Course Outline or Assignment PDFs to Mp3s

  • At least One Live Stream exclusively for Early Birds

  • Q & A Video Session to cap it off (encouraged)

Industry Leading Royalty Rates

Take home an astonishing 70% of Profit generated from your Courses while retaining the rights to your content. Allow us exclusivity and gain extra benefits!