"...Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

-1 Corinthians 10:31-

You're in Control, not a computer

MiracleTV was born from a need to create a space for Higher Quality Christian Entertainment and Content. Never before has there been a platform for Premium Faith-based content online!

Join a platform that doesn't discriminate you for your beliefs. No algorithms to fight, no distractions or ads, no trolls or clickbait and no random content takedowns. MiracleTV features a relationship-based content moderation system to bring out your best content and avoid trouble like copyright infringement.

We built MiracleTV to be centered around You, to bring Glory to God!

Leverage Intelligent Engagement Tactics

MiracleTV was designed from Years of Research and Design, Intense Bi-Weekly Trial and Error, and Strategizing to create a service that gives you, and the viewer, the best possible experience.

We've seen an average increase of 30% in Engagement, Watch-Times and Retention across-the-board by only adjusting the technology and methods (the best we could) on social media and other platforms. Now we've built our own platform!

Genre-Agnostic for All Creators

MiracleTV is open to all content forms, genres and styles! We are especially looking for out-of-the-box, fresh content and non-traditional innovative ideas with a Christian edge. Think "Drive with History", "Narnia", Kids' Shows, Training Courses, Talk Shows, Short Films and Documentaries.

Whether you're into movie reviews, game streaming, a talk show... No matter your style, we want YOUR content!

Create a New Revenue Stream

Move your content to the Next Level enabling increased sales, a worldwide audience and every screen in their house with MiracleTV Premium Courses!

MiracleTV Courses are High-End One-Time Purchase (TVOD) Content, complete with extras like PDFs, MP3 Downloads and other Course Materials.

Interested in creating your own Course? Already have a teaching series?

Are you a Church or Bible-Based Ministry?

MiracleTV was built with specific benefits for You!

Deploy Videos without Ads, Available Offline and on Any Device in the Highest Quality

A Higher Quality Experience for both you and your Viewers

Earn Revenue from your Expertise.

Benefits over Big Tech

  • No Censorship regarding Theological Ideologies'

  • Videos will not be restricted in certain countries (unless requested)

  • No Ads Anywhere. Not during playback, in the player, app or anywhere else.

  • Exceedingly High Quality App and Customer Experience

  • Get better Live Stream Retention and Engagement using proven methods

  • No need to learn (or fight) an algorithm

  • No Clickbait Videos or Thumbnails

  • Relationship-based Content Moderation System instead of 3 Strikes or random takedowns

  • Create better quality content without worrying about views, marketing or metadata

  • Algorithm doesn't push people to watch other shows or videos they find interesting - it pushes to your next episode!

  • Library is safe, quality Christian entertainment - no weird videos, shock or inappropriate content

  • Safe for children (Parent's must supervise and under 16's cannot create accounts by law)

  • No spammers or annoying people (trolls)

  • No minimum number of subscribers/views to start earning money

  • Live Events, like Conferences and Concerts, can be Pay-per-view

  • Sell your content digital and reliably - separated or bundled

  • Bonus Content, like PDFs or Downloads, can be packaged with videos

  • Available Offline and on any device with the MiracleTV App

  • Professional 24/7 Worldwide Customer Support

  • Be a part of the first High-End Christian Global Streaming Service

  • Join other World-Class Ministers and Content Creators