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fidelity (Noun)

fi·​del·​i·​ty | \ fə-ˈde-lə-tē , fī- \


  1. Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

  2. The degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced.

Source: Lexico/Oxford

A High Fidelity Experience in all respects

When we started streaming many years ago, we had one goal: Provide the same experience as being in the building.

It wasn't easy, but after years of research and design, intense bi-weekly trial and error, and a ton of strategizing... we had a new problem: people preferred to watch our live stream while being physically present in the venue.

MiracleTV was designed with this expertise to create a service that gives you, and the viewer, the best possible experience. We know what works and what doesn't.

MiracleTV features it's own High Fidelity Live Video Processing Engine that prioritizes Video Detail over Bitrate, ensuring you look your absolute best!

We've seen an average increase of 30% in Engagement, Watch-Times and Retentions across-the-board by only adjusting the technology and methods (the best we could) on social media and other platforms.

Now we've built our own platform.

A Better Experience for Both Viewer and Streamer

  • Completely Ad-free

  • Propriety Cloud Engine delivers Higher Detail than anywhere else at the same bitrate

  • Or push the limits and stream up to 4K HDR with High Bitrates

  • Multiple Global CDN Networks delivers content to viewers fast, without buffer and reliably with in-place redundancy!

  • Features a No Distractions Experience - no pop-ups, related videos or anything else to pull your viewers away

  • Create Pay-per-view (PPV) Events - Sell streaming access to your Live Event like Conferences or Concerts

  • Adjustable Global Reach - Restrict certain countries to keep content rights intact

  • Videos available On Demand (VOD), Offline and Replaceable after ending the event.

  • Access to our Team to assist you in creating a High Fidelity Production before the webpage

MiracleTV features a Live Comments Section that was designed to encourage more meditative, meaningful engagement from the viewer.

Live Comments, Not Live Chat

Upon watching a MiracleTV Live Video, the first thing you'll notice is a distraction-free environment featuring a Live Comments section, not a Live Chat. This was intentional.

A common misconception is that a live chat with a steady stream of posts is healthy engagement, we say "What use is a stream of text too fast to read?"

A flowing Live Chat on-screen is highly distracting, doesn't add to the experience, doesn't help the streamer connect in any way and excludes TV/Big Screen viewers - let alone spammers looking for attention on your video! It's no wonder why many platforms include a 'slow mode'. It's practically a meme at this point.

It's even worse for those live on-camera: who can barely keep up, accidentally read incorrectly (because of the small text or because a new post pushed it up one line) and say misconceptions live (because a post was corrected in a second post further down!) creating embarrassing moments that kill confidence on camera.

Live Comments live beneath the video - away from those looking to focus on the video experience. Viewers can post and have it appear immediately, but in its own editable comment - while Streamers can reply directly to the comment and read live on camera confidently!

Benefits over Big Tech

  • No Censorship regarding Theological Ideologies'

  • Videos will not be restricted in certain countries (unless requested)

  • No Ads Anywhere. Not during playback, in the player, app or anywhere else.

  • Exceedingly High Quality App and Customer Experience

  • Get better Live Stream Retention and Engagement using proven methods

  • No need to learn (or fight) an algorithm

  • No Clickbait Videos or Thumbnails

  • Relationship-based Content Moderation System instead of 3 Strikes or random takedowns

  • Create better quality content without worrying about views, marketing or metadata

  • Algorithm doesn't push people to watch other shows or videos they find interesting - it pushes to your next episode!

  • Library is safe, quality Christian entertainment - no weird videos, shock or inappropriate content

  • Safe for children (Parent's must supervise and under 16's cannot create accounts by law)

  • No spammers or annoying people (trolls)

  • No minimum number of subscribers/views to start earning money

  • Live Events, like Conferences and Concerts, can be Pay-per-view

  • Sell your content digital and reliably - separated or bundled

  • Bonus Content, like PDFs or Downloads, can be packaged with videos

  • Available Offline and on any device with the MiracleTV App

  • Professional 24/7 Worldwide Customer Support

  • Be a part of the first High-End Christian Global Streaming Service

  • Join other World-Class Ministers and Content Creators